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Available in three widths, over 25 colors and made with high grade silicone that is soft and flexible. All our silicone bands use our patented dual pin and tuck clasp that is popular because there is no external hardware to snag or catch.



Available in three widths, two lengths and three colors. A three-ply design of solid leather with no fillers. This enables us to deeply mark the bands and not harm the durability. The quality of these leathers can be compared to the leathers of the world's top brands.



A new introduction and the only band of its kind on the market. The base strap is constructed with high tech microfibers created for environments too harsh for leather, then it is wrapped with a durable poly outer layer. This combination results in a band that is fully customizable on-demand and with a quality that is unmatched.


Poly Rubber

Similar to silicone but with a firmer feel. This band design allows us to offer a full strap design option along with a low price point. The dual pin and tuck clasp offers the same security and sleek design as our silicone bands.



This fully customizable and proprietary band design features an “easy size” option in addition to the “easy change” option. We have eliminated the

Silicone Sport



Printed AirPods

  • Available in AirPods and AirPods Pro

  • Our most popular product

  • Industry leading 2.75mm thick

  • Aluminum carabineer

  • Smooth soft silicone

Debossed AirPods

  • Available in AirPods and AirPods Pro

  • A subtle expression of fandom

  • Industry leading 2.75mm thick

  • Aluminum carabineer

  • Smooth soft silicone


Printed Silicone

  • Printed silicone is our top selling style

  • Available in 20mm, 22mm and 24mm wide quick release

  • Available in 38/40mm and 42/44mm Apple style

  • Patented dual pin and tuck clasp

  • Available in NCAA, NFL, MLB and plain


Fine Leather Bands

  • Three most popular colors Tan, Brown and Black

  • Two lengths that fit most wrist sizes

  • 20mm, 22mm and 24mm widths

  • Eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather

  • No fillers or backing materials

  • Available for all our brands

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USA Leather

  • Top-grain leathers offer greater resistance to staining.

  • Our USA leathers are eco-friendly, vegetable tanned.

  • These leathers are hand sewn in the USA

  • Available in dozens of colors

  • No fillers or foreign materials

  • Stainless steel buckles

  • Customizable

  • Matching bud cases available


Advanced alternative for leather

  • Highest quality grade synthetic leather

  • Sea-island super fine micro-fiber

  • Better physical and chemical performance

  • Micro-fiber leathers are the best leather alternative

  • Finest eco-friendly leather alternative

  • Fully customizable in both color and size

  • Dozens of colors


Apple Peel Skin

Vegan -Sustainable -Eco Friendly

  • Rich in color and will not fade

  • Extremely environmentally friendly

  • Breathable thanks to its organic composition

  • Content of up to 80% organic Apple Peel

  • 100% cotton backing means no synthetics

  • Wide selection of colors and textures

  • Premium class product

Full Print Straps

  • Perfect for telling a visual story

  • Durable leather backing

  • Colors won’t wear off

  • Customizes easily

  • Perfect for short runs

  • Premium class product


PVC Full Print

These bands will feel like silicone but will allow for a full strap print. While we see these as a good fit for all our brands, our current conversations revolve around gaming, e-sports and entertainment brands.

Poly-rubber straps also provide a lower price point when compared to the Poly-leather full print straps.
Perfect product to offer your customer a completely customized strap for any watch. This on-demand product ships within 24 hours​

EZ Size Stainless

This patented stainless-steel band is both easy to attach to a watch and easy for the consumer to shorten. This is the only link style bracelet that allows for the customer to both attach and adjust. A heavy link style steel band that is available in a variety of finishes.

Poly Covered Lorica
Stainless Steel
Poly Rubber

Always On-Demand

History has taught us to expect the unexpected, so we offer our partners the ability to quickly pivot as the market demands. Life changes quickly and so can we!

  • Concept to production in 48 hours

  • Premium substrates

  • Small minimums

  • Fully customizable

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